About Us

About Us


Roseville church of Christ was established in 1945 and currently has a congregation of about 100 members with a mix of older, retired people and a few middle-aged families. We have a small youth group of about 10-15 children ranging from high school to pre-school. There is a Spanish speaking group of about 25 members who meet regularly but separately inside the building for class and worship.
Roseville is located about 15 miles Northeast of Sacramento in the North central part of California.

The weekly meeting schedule has been adjusted due to COVID 19 restrictions. We do meet for Bible classes on Sunday morning at 9:45 AM and for worship at 10:45 AM. The adult auditorium class and the worship are live streamed for members who are unable to attend due to restrictions. We have not yet returned to Sunday evening class / worship. Our Wednesday evening youth/family program is back, starting at 6 PM with sports activities in the gym followed by a meal prior to the 7 PM bible study.

We just recently added three elders (we now have five) and have seven deacons in charge of various duties. One of our Deacons is also the Minister for the Spanish speaking group.

We are financially sound and blessed with a generous minded group of Christians. The offerings for 2020 during the pandemic were sufficient to meet all of our financial obligations.
Roseville supports several Missions and commits 10% of the annual church offerings to support these efforts. (see MINISTRIES link on the website).


We follow the New Testament in conducting our worship each Sunday and maintain what is commonly referred to as the five acts of worship. Singing, praying, communion, offering and preaching from God’s Word. The duties are assigned to men of the congregation that are willing to assist in our worship to God.

A typical worship period begins with a song to open the day which is followed by the announcements and an opening prayer. We recognize members who have Birthdays and Anniversaries that week during the announcements.

There is a Call to Worship thought or scripture that leads into the song selections (singing) for the day.
We have one or two prayers (praying) within the song selections prior to communion and the weekly offering. We sing acapella. The songs, announcements and lessons are projected from the sound room through power point and displayed on the large screen at the front of the auditorium.

We break shortly after communion and have the younger children come to the front for a VBS type song before they depart to children’s worship.
The worship period then continues with the lesson (preach) followed by an invitation song and a closing prayer.

Communion is modified due to the COVID-19 regulations. After the prayer for each element (bread and fruit of the vine), members line up along the outside wall and proceed to the communion table to partake. Once they have partaken, they return to their seats using the center aisle. Members are encouraged to practice social distancing. Masks are not required, however, suggested for the benefit of others.

Weekly offering. Members bring their offering to the front during the communion and place their gift in the plate provided.