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Roseville Church of Christ offers free English lessons to anyone interested through the World English Institute program.


World English Institute has a dual mission and purpose. Our mission is to teach English to people, free of charge, in order to help them communicate effectively and to gain upward mobility in a world market using the English language. Our mission is also to lead people to higher ground spiritually by using Bible stories to illustrate English grammar. Our purpose is to replace violence with peace, corruption with integrity, division with unity, evil with good, and hatred with love for peoples throughout the world by sharing this Good News to all of humankind.

Classes meet at the building on Wednesday nights (7-8 pm) and Sunday nights (6-7 pm).
We have a dedicated staff that is ready to teach you!
If you are interested in learning more about these free classes please email for more information.

2018 Year End

World English Institute (WEI) Report

We are excited to be offering WEI classes right here in our church.We opened a WEI Learning Center here in the Roseville Church of Christ in November, 2018. Free English lessons are offered to our Hispanic congregation and to anyone who wants to improve their English skills. We have great volunteer teachers such as Joanne Altom, Norma Benson, Gary Davis and Danah Nelson. Each teacher has one student (sometimes one of them may have two students) on Wednesday nights. We started with ten students and right now average around 5-6 each Wednesday. Gary Davis also has a class on Sunday evening with two students. Betty Maynard and Marsha Gifford are substitute teachers and have filled in periodically. WEI has supplied all the student study materials including a teacher training program. Anyone in our congregation who wants to help will have the opportunity to work in the mission field right here at home.

Please pray that the Lord will bless our long-term plan to use the WEI program as a community outreach program and that it will be as successful here as it has been in so many places throughout the world. Please keep WEI and those who are involved in the program in your prayers. If you are interested in helping please see John Pendley or Jim Oestreich.

WEI is designed to attract students who are studying English as a second language and to teach them by using the Bible as an English textbook. While the students are learning English, they are also learning the Scriptures. Many students enroll in WEI in order to learn English, but as they study the Word, their interest gradually shifts from English to the Bible. Just before he was baptized in the Adriatic Sea, Daut Bezati said, “When you first came to Albania, we thought English was more important than the Bible. But little by little, the Bible caught up. Now we know that the Bible is more important than English.”

The name “World English Institute” was chosen in order to get the gospel into China and into Muslim countries where missionaries cannot go. Any attempt to advertise Bible correspondence courses in these countries are rebuffed. However, the political leaders in most of these nations are eager for their people to study English. Consequently, we are teaching thousands of WEI students in communist China and in every Muslim country in the world. In 2018, 751 WEI teachers taught 23,552 students 168,412 Bible lessons and 123,876 grammar lessons.

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“No book but the Bible. No creed but Christ. No name but Christian. No theory but the Gospel. No objective but Service. In Christ, Unity. In opinions, Liberty. In all things, love and tolerance.” To God Be the Glory!