In a world where people do not respect the Creator of life,
we cannot be surprised that people do not respect the life He created.

~ Melvin L. Otey ~

Lord, thank You for being the creator of life. We thank you for the forgiveness that you give us through your son’s death on the cross and praise you for being our hope and light in a cold and dark world. We come to you as our society turns their hearts and lives from You and continue to spiral out of control in direct opposition to your word and your will. Father guide us in our desire to be a reflection of your light and give us the strength and conviction to boldly stand up for you and to speak your truth no matter the cost. In your precious and most holy name, Amen.

Spanish Sisters Seminar
Sierra Bible Camp

Annual Women's Day


Bible Class @ 9:45 am
Worship @ 10:45 am

Family Time @ 6:00 pm
Bible Class @ 7:00 pm

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